We have noticed definite improvements

Ben Jaman, Oshkosh, WI

Thanks for recommending the home performance testing and air sealing of our house last fall. Air sealing was done and sealing completed in a day. The two employees at our home were most professional checking the house top-to-bottom for air leaks, while answering all my questions.

We were particularly interested in controlling moisture especially in the basement, as well as on the first floor windows on cold winter days. We have definitely noticed improvements in both areas. Our basement has been noticeable drier this spring. Also, the condensation build up on our windows was down during the cold winter months.

The air sealing process definitely tightened things up. We live in a newer ranch home and though it was pretty tight, but since completing the work last fall we have noticed definite improvements in the over-all air sealing, and resulting comfort in our home.

Finally, we did receive a rebate from the power company which made the work very affordable.